A thematic analysis in support of the theory that early relationships affect adult attachment essay

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Type B Secure - Proximity on reunion, allows mother to comfort and Type C insecure - anxious ambivalent - Shows both avoidant and proximity seeking behaviours - acts inconsistently towards mother.🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes.

Attachment Theory: The Bond Between A Caregiver And A Child And How These Fragile Bonds - attachment Theory Attachment theory focuses on the bond between a caregiver and a child and how these fragile bonds, if not attended to properly have psychological and social effects on the child’s future.

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A qualitative study of how attachment and separation affects the life course of individuals explaining how infants’ relationships affect their adult attachment and studies show some validity of this theory. This qualitative thematic analysis aimed to show through semi structured interviews how experiences of attachment and separation.


Main et al () used the narratives from Adult Attachment interviews to describe secure and insecure styles cited by Wood et al ). A key component of the theory of attachment is security and the categories of infant types do, in certain conditions correlate with Adult attachments (Hamiltoncited by Wood et all ).

The question remains as to why does this affect one as an adult. If one is taught from right and wrong then why does one express themselves negatively towards others? Essay Attachment Styles and Relationships. Influence of Early Attachment Essay. Influence of early attachment relationship on development Introduction: It is .

A thematic analysis in support of the theory that early relationships affect adult attachment essay
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