An introduction to the management and the structure of marks and spencer company

Stores due for closure in April included one of their oldest presences, that in the town centre of Birkenhead.

First one is PESTEL analysis that provides us with the idea of political, economical, social, technological, environmental and logical factors that affects the organisation. Further investments are being made in GM IT systems and a logistics network with the aim of delivering better supply chain flexibility and customer availability.

Quality worth paying more for. In addition, the recent Brexit vote is likely to have a substantial impact on the retailer in both its home stores and abroad.

Unit 4 Strategic Management Assignment Marks and Spencer

Change Management In any situation when the management is trying to change the existing structures it always leads to resistance. In the retail sales went up by 6. According to Lewin's Model the management has to strike a balance between sources of change and the resistance to change.

Therefore, it is important for the management to encourage alternative methods of encouraging strategic thinking within the organization. Consequentially, the slight decline of sales and share prices in were followed by steady improvements in both these indicators a year later, thus escaping the hard to reverse grip of discounted prices felt by many other competitive retailers The Marketing Society, Marks and Spencer is not technologically sound as compared to its competitors.

A chosen company will be discussed here; its mission, organisational structure and culture Essay

Consumers are also aware of the laws available for them to sue the companies if they have been cheated by any of the organisations. On the other hand, it means that only qualified and competent staff fit this particular culture.

InMarks and Spencer was founded. The retail market and consumer demand are constantly changing which the management will have to embrace to stay competitive in the market. It acts as the barrier for the new entrants to enter the market. This step leads to degradation of the value of the company in this era of specialisation.

Each organization has its own set of internal and external issues that must be adapted. Also, the company re- launched its catalogue for this department www2. In the company continued to revamp its operations to suit its operations in the UK.

Within these units, employees with various functions and skills work in team to achieve a common goal. The reasons behind the crisis are that first of all, there is the emergence of wave after wave of new foreign entrants with attractive, low-priced offers. A strategic approach to organizational dynamics.

The former, once the flagship of the company, has suffered a considerable decrease in its market share over recent years and reached a ten-year low in terms of sales in the second quarter of Davey, With inflation, the old penny limit was surpassed, replaced by five shillings, and eventually limits were scrapped.

Retrieved Julyfrom BBC: By examining these, a company is in a better position to consider likely implications and minimise any future organisation-related risks Makos, This disclosure was made as stock market rules mean that any holding over 3 per cent share must be made public. In addition, in the past couple of months various macroeconomic issues, falling commodity prices, pound fluctuations and a sudden drop following the Brexit vote caused consumer confidence to drop.

The shopping experience is now largely seamless through the integration of online, tablet, mobile and the physical experience in the shop TaylorWessing, Whether the company is well enough prepared to preserve its spot as the leading food and clothing retailer in the UK market and abroad remains to be seen.

Intensity of competitive rivalry In the retail sector in which Marks and Spencer operates, competition is strong and growing — the company is facing intense rivalry from supermarkets chains, homewear stores and fashion retailers. The management realized that the company would have to act swiftly given the market changes.

The food business has been success because the company was able to introduce new fresh foods in the market, which the customer preferred.

Managing Uncertainty, Opportunity, and Enterprise. Throughout the implementation of this new HR strategy the HR managers at Marks and Spencer developed techniques to measure the success of their change program this was done through evaluating sales, customer satisfaction and perceptions about the company.

Losing access to the common market will affect supply chains, the free movement of people, IP rights, international contracts and more.

Marks & Spencer makes changes to management structure

After two years, he had earned enough to take a stall in the Leeds market.Marks & Spencer is British institution. Opened inthe company emerged as a major retailer of clothes, food, household items and financial services. ByMarks & Spencer was an international company with sales of over £8 billion and very high net profit margins.

However, the group.

Marks & Spencer changes board responsibilities and introduces new management structure

Marks & Spencer, the British high street retailer, today reveals that it has made changes intended to simplify its management structure, to drive speedier decision making and move the business closer to.

Introduction. Marks and Spencer is one amongst the main retailers in kingdom managing over stores and handling many workers. Effective appraisal system will help the management of Marks and Spencer to motivate its employees in an effective way.

We will write a custom essay sample on Case Study of Marks and Spencer. Marks & Spencer has made a series of changes to its board responsibilities and simplified its management structure in order to drive speedier decision making and move the business closer to its customers.

Marks & Spencer

Oct 24,  · Consequently, following this specific structure which offers a quick response to change while being strongly supervised and an appropriate level of innovation without risking compromising the company’s image, fits with Marks & Spencer’s goals.

Marks & Spencer has more than stores and 11 million shoppers each week and employs 66, workers.

Strategic Analysis of Marks & Spencer Plc

The company is one of High Street's best known companies however, Marks & Spencer, for a long time unchallenged, has undergone a chain of management and corporate structure changes due a decline in their sales.

An introduction to the management and the structure of marks and spencer company
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