Bend it like beckham essay questions

Again, the parents embody the classic values, the father does, however, a conversion and finally supports the willingness of change of the daughter. Identify the themes and scenes that have made the film a teenage crowd pleaser and, equally important, see how the very form of the film—the way certain scenes are filmed, the kind of music chosen, the camera work and editing—suggest a younger audience as well.

Bend it like Beckham Essay

Finally, the author points out: An alternative example of where juxtapositioning is used is when Jules mum is trying to make Jules buy a padded bra rather than a sports bra. You may view this document now for only. These are some of the questions to keep in mind.

First, you can make lots of mistakes all parents willbut if your basic attitude toward your child is loving and nurturing, most of these mistakes can be corrected without great harm. Director Chadha uses the technique of music and symbolism to effectively suggest that the outcome of integrating cultures is positive.

Pinky is a stereotypical girl interested in getting married and having children. She is rebelling against the traditions of a female in her culture.

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The use of juxtapositioning becomes effective because the audience becomes aware of the happiness both girls are showing for opposite reasons. The technique of film editing parallel cross cutting shows coexistence of both cultures together.

The female teenagers even wear Indian clothes that have been modernised and westernised. Additional questions are set out below. Her actions indicate that we should not remain separate from the new environment, but to combine the old and the new.

In this land, it is not a easy job to infuse with the native Indian Sikh religion, and vice versa. However, Jess never wants to be a housewife who can only cook. She is passionate about soccer, but her immigrant parents who follow the Sikh religion and culture, ban her from playing it.

Things like woman playing football are more socially acceptable in some cultures than others i. Humour is formed by the diversity of the two cultures and the stereotypical views each family haves. Thematically it refers to one of the classic Bollywood themes, the conflict between tradition and modern world.

Additional info about bend it like beckham essays At the same time, Jess asks for respect to her lifestyle, but it is quite clear that her mother can never really understand, what kind of life she is trying to live.

But even harder it is for Jess who tries to honour her father Indian roots but at the same time wants to be fully accepted in the English society. We do not have to abandon our prior values to integrate, and we should not have to abandon our true selves to join a group.

Historically speaking, India was the colony of England for a long time, English people usually were gentlemen, but they look down upon Indian people.

The older family members embody the forces of tradition. At the end of my essay I hope to have a looked at all the techniques used in immense detail and the purpose and effect these techniques have on the film.Bend it like Beckham.

Bend it like Beckham is a comedy that casts two ambitious eighteen-year-old girls that have a passion for specializing in football as a career. The main character Jessminder Bhamra (Jess) is determined to pursue football as a profession, the same way her role model David Beckham.

Bend It Like Beckham - - Create Lesson Plans from Movies and Film Clips, Football, Soccer, Girl's Sports, England. Bend It Like Beckham () questions and answers, together with mistakes, trivia, quotes, trailers and more. Ask anything you want. This film, Bend it Like Beckham, implies that even though integrating different cultures is often very difficult, it is still possible.

Bend It Like Beckham

Jess and other characters’ successful integration of the values of the British culture with that of the Indian culture, show the importance of balanced integration. Teaching package – Bend it like Beckham Made by: Corine Bos & Tony Green Target group: Let the students answer the questions on WORKSHEET 3.

If you had to choose one of the characters of Bend It Like Beckham - who do you think this song is about? Why? 3. What is the song about? An important idea displayed throughout the film Bend It Like Beckham (Directed by Gurinda Chadha) was the act of challenging ‘gender stereotypes’.

Bend it like beckham essay questions
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