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Molly once scared off a couple of Mormon boys before I had a chance to get to the door, and when baby Max was recovering from jaundice, a hospital worker who was coming by to pick up some equipment called me from my driveway to ask me to meet him out there.

What I got was a book about marriage and babies, two things that gross me out. Besides that, I highly suspect the book contains a great deal more funny dog stories than the movie had time for, and I could never pass that up.

Inevitably, despite my efforts otherwise, all dancing ends in play-fighting. It is the story of a man who loves his animal far more than I ever could.

A Book Review: “Marley and Me” by John Grogan

My sister Catherine returned it to me; apparently, I loaned it to her several years ago and forgot that I ever even had it. The more I was exposed to people, the more I wanted to bolt the door. She told me bluntly that if I did not put Max on formula, she would call social services.

Moms are supposed to be able to give their babies everything they need. We ended up getting her a pinch collar when I was pregnant because she kept pulling me over. This was serious business. Inevitably, despite my efforts otherwise, all dancing ends in play-fighting.

It distracts a little from the overall tale, but I understand. Then they brought home Marley, a wiggly yellow furball of a puppy. How to give it, how to accept it.

Only the most alarmingly devoted dog lovers should bother with this one. Finally, I had someone who agreed.

I had cousins who miscarried and I dreaded the thought of having to do what they did and take back the joyous news. I should at least have been able to count it on one hand, right?

Why do you tell me this stuff? It had been on the bestseller lists for quite a long time and so I was expecting it to be a light, enjoyable read. John and his wife, newly married, decided to sharpen their parenting skills, which they thought they would soon need, by purchasing a dog.

Molly and my husband share a lot of the same traits. Where there is that, most of the other pieces fall into place. She quickly comes to realize he has become an indispensable part of the family and agrees he can stay. She and John travel to Ireland for a belated honeymoon, leaving the rambunctious dog in the care of a young woman who finds him impossible to control, especially during the frequent thunderstorms that plague the area.


I was a thirteen-year-old girl saying goodbye to her friends at the end of summer camp. Sponsor Become a Patron Grogan, an accomplished and skillful writers, goes on to tell the story of the following thirteen years of his life, showing the centrality of Marley in the lives of the growing family.

Jenny would nurse the baby, he would eat well, and then he would spit everything back up, leaving him underweight.

A Book Review: “Marley and Me” by John Grogan

And on it went: Jenny got pregnant, but miscarried; she embraced not only John but also Marley in her grief. March The memoir genre has taken a beating in recent months, with some writers accused of fudging facts or inventing events to make their life stories more salacious.He makes that abundantly clear in Marley and Me, a very funny valentine to all those four-legged "big, dopey, playful galumphs that seemed to love life with a passion not often seen in this world." It's a book with intense but narrow appeal, strictly limited to anyone who has ever had, known or wanted a dog.

Marley and me book review Essay. Soon after their wedding, John and Jenny Grogan escape the brutal Michigan winters and relocate to a cottage in southern Florida, where they are hired as reporters for competing newspapers - Marley and me book review Essay introduction.

At The Palm Beach Post, Jenny immediately receives prominent front-page assignments, while at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Marley and me book review Essay

Marley and Me Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for Marley and Me is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

Ask Your Own Question. Marley died at age 13, and the book ends with the Grogans thinking of adopting another puppy. Please, no sequels!

Marley and Me: Life and Love With the World's Worst Dog

Only the most alarmingly devoted dog lovers should bother with this one. Marley & Me isn’t the type of book that will change a life.

But it will warm a heart and provide more than a few good laughs. But it will warm a heart and provide more than a few good laughs.

Those readers who own dogs, and Labs in particular, will probably nod their heads knowingly more than a few times. “John’s attempt to convince Jenny of Marley’s future importance at dog shows reminds me of my attempts to teach Molly how to dance.

When Molly was a puppy, I watched a fantastic video of a woman and her golden retriever dancing in a competition.

Book review marley me
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