Econmic and social effects of the spanish conquest of the americas after 1492

What were the economic and social effects of World War 1?

These people attacked unexpectedly and took advantage of the fact that they outnumbered the Spanish. The law calls his offense criminal negligence.

However, due to natural attrition and harsh misrule, the population of native laborers soon became too small for the voracious Spanish, so they began to import African slaves to work in sugar plantations and silver mines. In the 16thcentury, Hispaniola was the centre of the Spanish colonial system in the Caribbean.

People became very wealthy through their plantations, worked by slaves, and through trade with Africa and Europe. Others would pick it up and contagion would spread. These high taxes made the price of products like gold, silk and spices that Europeans wanted, more expensive for them to buy.

After looting Cuzco, the Spaniards went on to establish control over the rest of the land of the Incas. The Aztecs believed they were the chosen people of the gods.

The needs of the Tainos were ignored and they were punished severely. These people were called Peninsulares, and were the nobles of the feudal class hierarchy. The Crown was entitled to one-fifth of all mining profits, and this huge income helped Spain to become the largest and most powerful empire in Europe by The students should try to recall the correct order in their notebooks Conquering the Aztec and Inca Empires: They were banned from practicing their religion.

Many other people lived on the same encomienda, however, since the noble owning the whole plot of land would divide it up into smaller parts, which other people managed. Weakened by disease, the Native Americans were unable to cope with hard manual labour. Of course, discrimination and repression were features of Spanish colonial rule throughout its history.

They have cost the lives of about 19, white men, women and children, including those killed in individual combats, and the lives of about 30, Indians. For the sun to successfully rise each day, it had to be nourished with human blood.

From the beginning of Virginia's settlements in until the s, the main source of labor and a large portion of the immigrants were indentured servants looking for new life in the overseas colonies. CroixNevis, St. English and Dutch colonies, on the other hand, tended to be more religiously diverse.

They were given food, clothing, housing and taught farming or household skills. The result was that most of South and Central America fell into the hands of Spain.Spanish Conquest The story of the Spanish conquest over the native peoples of the Americas began inthe Spaniards came from Europe to the Americas in hope of gaining wealth and increasing their social status.

The Turning Point: European Conquests of the Americas () In the first years following conquest, the Spanish exported 32 million pounds of silver andpounds of gold (Marks 78). Spain spent much of this wealth in costly wars in a failed attempt to rule Europe. economic, and social implications in western and central.

Spanish Colonization summary. Big picture analysis & overview of Spanish Colonization The arrival of Europeans in the New World in changed the Americas forever.

The Turning Point: European Conquests of the Americas (1492-1800)

The Spanish never set out to destroy the people of the New World—after all, their goal was to use native labor for their own ends—and almost immediately a debate arose.

The Spanish conquest also had a big impact on the population of the area. Now, instead of just one culture (the Incas), there were two. A new social class system was created Spanish became the main spoken language in Central and South America, and still is today.

Christianity became the main religion throughout the Americas, and still is today. Essay Spanish Conquest Of The Americas by the Spanish but was made popular by the Germans in the early s.

The topic of this essay is to find out if the Spanish Conquest of the Americas had a significant impact on the Aztecs. Effects on spanish conquest of the Americas Essay Sample By admin In Essay Samples On August 29, The combination of drawn-out warfare.

development. disease and the spread of Catholicism bit by bit asserted Spanish rule over the autochthonal population in America. who however survived and endured both the conquering and old ages of colonial regulation.

Econmic and social effects of the spanish conquest of the americas after 1492
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