Funny blog topics to write about

This could be laugh out loud hilarious. Thank you, as always for reading, and feel free to use any and all of these blog post ideas to further the quality of your own blog. Visualizing data makes it easier to read, gather interesting data and build charts! Invest time and grow your followers by that.

Put yourself in the shoes of your reader.

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It can be a quote, a video, something you said or heard, anything you want! I can use slang, be cutsey or just have fun. I tend to say that everything is my new BFF!

Perhaps you intended all along for the post to be about not letting doubts stop you from following your dreams and quitting your day job, but readers scanning subheads will not understand that. Your persuasive essay may argue that although the Internet connects people, there are still concerns that it may make them more reserved.

How to make a killer cocktail — or enchilada, or vegan meal, or homemade dog food. You know what writing is truly about. As you know, time is the most valuable thing in our lives. So chop out weak words and throw in power words if appropriate.

Four Commandments to Writing Funny

Maybe you remodeled your kitchen. To keep luring them back into your post, when their instinct is to leave.

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Metaphors and similes are to funny as Hugh Grant is to romantic comedy. Slip into Their Shoes A common mistake that reeks of amateur blogging?

Share the tweets and posts with others. We all have fears. Even sentence fragments totally okay. Interviews are extremely popular in two cases: Find your new hobby or passion in music and turn it into a wonderful blog post idea. All you need to do is find a question that people are asking in your niche, and ask other key people in your sphere what they think is the answer.

Post your conspiracy theories about aliens, gerbils, paper clips, or whatever you think might be a cover for something far more sinister. Can you write about the topic indefinitely? Every time you cross something off the list, post again and tell us how it went.

Should hospitals use placebo treatments?

7 Ways to Write a Post So Funny that It Makes People Wet Their Pants

The more apps you list, the better. You can slow things down later. Visualizing data makes it easier to read, gather interesting data and build charts! Any and all Harry Potter posts are my favorite.Apr 03,  · 36 Of The Best Blog Post Ideas. EVER! Where do you write your blog posts?

Show me, tell me! Write an opinion or rant about a popular news headline right now (missing Malaysian airplane, Make it funny, kids! Take a photo of your desk RIGHT NOW and explain yourself. It requires one to follow some basic techniques to write good funny blog posts.

Kids are the main target of funny bloggers. While a few funny blogs might be created by the kids themselves, others are posted by the adults with the intention of amusing the kids.

Nov 25,  · Fabulous Blog Topic Ideas. If you’re an author, generate a series of articles that explore non-fiction topics you write about in your fictional work. How to research keywords for effective blog post SEO. Try a funny tutorial, or explain how not to do something.

Good morning! Our final Thursday Quick-Write for the summer comes from the amazing Tracey Baptiste. Tracey is the author of the creepy MG fantasy adventures The Jumbies and Rise of the Jumbies (and a third book on the way, too!), the contemporary YA novel Angel’s Grace and 9 non-fiction books for kids in elementary through high school.

The Best Speech Topics Blog will help you to keep up-to-date with all the offerings at Nov 10,  · Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write People often ask me how I come up with things to blog about, and I find the question strange, because my problem is the opposite. I .

Funny blog topics to write about
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