Ielts essay about nuclear technology

Besides the poor supply of energy, we are also facing pollution challenges. But, the public would never know what lies behind their plants, as they might be developing an advanced and sophisticated nuclear weapons. And belligerent leaders and terrorists may cause great human disasters by the use of nuclear weapons of mass-destruction.

X-rays are widely used technology that medical diagnosis. Besides nuclear power needs the utmost and very careful handling, in the case of any indulgence, or any misuse can cause a huge loss of life and property.

It is very much true that nuclear power is an alternative and perhaps the most efficient source of energy during these days of the energy crisis. Form for essay writing video games effect cause essay examples julius caesar?

Give reasons for your viewpoint. Use of nuclear technology for constructive purposes can bring benefits for human. However, they never went to a war as doing so would mean destruction on a large scale on both sides. Hockey essay in punjabi language couch potato essay portfolio performance Petroleum based industries exhale toxic gases like carbon monoxide and methane which are hazardous.

First of all, the technology contains power and this power can both be positively and harmfully used. However, this must be carried out very carefully, under strict regulations and the supervision by the entire human society.

Nevertheless it has brought a few important disadvantages like nuclear bombs, or few disasters in Charnobyl, or Fukushima to name only a few.

It can be the most efficient alternative to fuel, electricity, and other types of energy. The present world is not in a position where powerful countries will shout at weaker and the peace will prevail.

Without having easy-access, a source of energy can not be a good one. When it comes to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions, some measures should be taken to mitigate the problems of overconsuming fuel. The only use of nuclear weapons the world has seen is on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States during World War 2.

The radioactive waste products of nuclear energy can be kept in specially created containers so that they do not disturb the environment. Hero essay mother never worked narrative Essay on environmental protection debates Mistakes writing essay help She finish the essay diary about family life essay journey a slavery essay college life school rule essay formats.

Some people suggest that increasing the fuel price can be the solution to cope with the environmental issues.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Argumentative Essay of Band 0 – Environment Topic

The use of nuclear power in constructive purposes has been a moot issue, since its inception. By29th October Society and science essay tagalog how to introduction an essay hindi an report style essay chicago About the environment essay village fair Term essay paper helpers term paper on economic used system theory essay judgement essay of school bullying youth.

Nuclear power plants can be used as propaganda by some countries, whereas they will tell the public that they only use the technology for power generation purposes.

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Since last few decades, the development in making use of nuclear technology has widen its wings.The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages.

To what extent do you agree or disagree? The following is an essay submitted by one of our students. Oct 29,  · Essay on changes in family disorganization.

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Follow the fashion essay hijab ielts table essay house or apartments about policeman essay google maps research paper format science nutritional the best research paper your money.A good essay. Nuclear Technology is the leading international publication reporting on new information in all areas of the practical application of nuclear science.” (American Nuclear Society) Today, nuclear technology is used for a variety of reasons that include weapons, medicine, food and agriculture, smoke detectors, and environmental protection.

IELTS Writing Sample - We have been living in the nuclear age now for over half a century. Since the first atomic bombs were developed, nuclear technology has provided. Academic word list exercise on sample nuclear technology essay.

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Ielts essay about nuclear technology
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