Kent state shootings

The Search for Historical Accuracy. The mayor of Kent, Leroy Satrom, declared a state of emergency on May 2. Jesus Christ, I don't want to be a part of this We are going to eradicate the problem.

Kent State shootings

As firefighters sought to contain the blaze, demonstrators pulled at and slashed fire hoses. They make definite plans of burning, destroying, and throwing rocks at police and at the National Guard and the Highway Patrol.

Kent State Shooting

Kent State shootings[ edit ] Main May 4 Memorial May 4 Memorial at night Kent State gained international attention on May 4,when an Ohio Army National Guard unit fired at students during an anti-war protest on campus, killing four and wounding nine.

The closest victim of the shooting, Joseph Lewis, had been standing about 60 feet 18 metres away from the Guard. On May 12,a tent city was erected and maintained for a period of more than 60 days by a group of several dozen protesters on the Kent State campus.

In Kent State had attempted to create a living memorial to the events of May 4 by establishing the Center for Peaceful Change now the Center for Applied Conflict Managementwhich offers a degree program in peace and conflict studies. Also includes pictures of them near the site of the shooting minutes before they were shot.

Gives factual background on SDS activities in Richard Nixon speaking to the nation on the efforts to negotiate a peace settlement in Vietnam, Look at town-gown relations over a year later.

Some of the Kent state shootings on Blanket Hill, fearful and anxious from prior events, may have believed Still, Ohio National Guard General Robert Canterbury ordered the protesters to disperse, with the announcement being made by a Kent State police officer riding in a military jeep across the Commons and using a bullhorn to be heard over the crowd.

Discusses the role of Glenn Frank and the peace marshalls on May 4, Answers 12 frequently asked questions and includes a short annotated bibliography. Martyrdom That Shook the Country.

Kent State Shooting

In this theory would be augmented by the release of an audiotape discovered by one of the wounded students, Alan Canfora that allegedly captured the command to fire. The guardsmen themselves looked stunned.

Hindsight suggests that another method would have resolved the confrontation. We deeply regret those events and are profoundly saddened by the deaths of four students and the wounding of nine others which resulted.

Others were scattered between Taylor Hall and the Prentice Hall parking lot, while still others were standing in the parking lot, or dispersing through the lot as they had been previously ordered. This special issue of Vietnam Generation 2.

Kent State Shootings

A few students were bayoneted by Guardsmen. Better ways must be found to deal with such confrontations. Protestors called for another rally to be held on Monday, May 4. All those Kent state shootings were students in good standing at the university. That day, hundreds of students gathered on the Commons, a park-like space at the center of campus that had been the site of large demonstrations and other events in the past.

Many Americans saw this invasion as a renege on promises made by President Nixon to end the Vietnam War. At this combustible moment, faculty marshals, led by Glenn Frank, a geology professor, successfully persuaded the students not to endanger their lives by taking on the Guard.

They were all on one knee and pointing their rifles at Boston and Kent State " by Ronald Hatzenbuehler. In the fall ofBowman appointed Oscar W. Numerous investigatory commissions and court trials followed, during which members of the Ohio National Guard testified that they felt the need to discharge their weapons because they feared for their lives.

II" The Police Chief. Despite this, organizations of survivors and current Kent State students continue to believe the Strubbe tape proves the Guardsmen were given a military order to fire and are petitioning State of Ohio and United States government officials to reopen the case using independent analysis.

Apparently, no order to fire was given, and there was inadequate fire control discipline on Blanket Hill. Two of the four people who were killed, Jeffrey Miller and Allison Krause, were my friends. Tensions remained high, and Governor Rhodes further escalated them by accusing the protesters of being unpatriotic.

During their minute stay on the practice field, a number of Guardsmen knelt and aimed their rifles at demonstrators. It is unclear who set the building on fire.

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Other Ohio institutions followed suit. When it became clear that the crowd was not going to disperse, a group of 77 National Guard troops from A Company and Troop G, with bayonets fixed on their M1 Garand riflesbegan to advance upon the hundreds of protesters.The Kent State shootings (also known as the May 4 massacre or the Kent State massacre) occurred at Kent State University in the U.

S. city of Kent, Ohio, and involved the shooting of unarmed college students by the Ohio National Guard on Monday, 4 May The guardsmen fired 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four.

At this afternoon, after the shootings, the university president, Robert I. White, ordered the university closed for an indefinite time, and officials were making plans to evacuate the dormitories and bus out-of-state students to nearby cities. The Kent State Shootings On May 4,another student rally was scheduled for noon at the Commons on the Kent State University campus.

Before the rally began, the National Guard ordered those congregated to disperse. Kent State shootings The site of the Kent State shootings, showing the path followed by the Ohio National Guard as it attempted to disperse the protest demonstration on May 4,and the location of key events in the incident.

During the Kent State Massacre (also known as the Kent State Shootings,) 4 college students were killed and 9 others wounded when the Ohio National Guard fired shots into a crowd during an anti-war protest on campus grounds. Kent State University immediately closed with the shootings on May 4, and did not offer classes again for six weeks, when the summer term began.

Kent State shooting

The various protests drew to an end as President Richard Nixon, who served frombegan to withdraw U.S. soldiers from North and South Vietnam.

Kent state shootings
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